It's the flying computer circus!

The computer exhibition delivered, installed & picked up

You may remember the Commodore, Spectrum, and maybe the Amiga, but do you still remember the Atari and Amstrad?

Now there's no need to look back anymore. The I love 8-bit® is the traveling exhibition that brings back the legendary computers on stage. The computer history in the I love 8-bit® exhibition starts at 1977.

I love 8-bit® is the exhibition about computing history based on 1970- and 1980 home computing era. The favorites are back and in use for everybody. 

The unique exhibitions offer authentic and memorable experiences of digital cultural heritage!

I love 8-bit®

What were computers before the Internet and the PC era? How do computers work and what kind of software was there then? And what about the next generation of 16-bit devices? How do they work?

All of this and much more can be discovered at the I love 8-bit® exhibition that presents computer culture of its time. Visitors can try out and see legendary computers from the history of computing in action.

I love 8-bit® is the exhibition that has gained huge popularity since 2022. The events have brought 1970s and 1980s computer culture into the modern era in 20 different locations. More than 20 000 visitors have discovered the history of computing since 1977. Visitors can explore how computers and games worked in the early days of the digital society.

A historical computer culture exhibition on motion.

Return of the legendary games

What were the games that played in the early computer age? How does a flight simulator work with a device that is 40 years old, has a millionth of the power compared to modern computers, black and white graphics and its games are downloaded from a cassette?

This and much more fun is at the I love 8-bit® shows. Authentic experiences of early digital culture are unique.

Each I love 8-bit® exhibition is unique. Every show is different. Welcome to take a look and have fun!

Aikansa tietokonekulttuuri on esillä I love 8-bit® -näyttelyssä

In the 1970s and 1980s, computers were different. Each model had games and software that only worked on a particular model. These devices enriched the computer culture of their time because there were so many choices. Here are some examples of I love 8-bit® computers that you can try out and admire at exhibitions.

I love 8-bit® -tapahtuman voi järjestää tilaamalla produktiologistiikan

Tietokonenäyttely tilattuna, asennettuna ja noudettuna.

Produktiologistiikan kustannukset eritelty ilman arvonlisäveroa 24%.


Kiertuetuotteet 2024

Kasibittisen kulttuurin ystäville on uutta kivaa tiedossa. Nyt pieni erä I love 8-bit® vuoden 2024 kiertuepaitoja saatavana.

Kasibittiseen repertuaariin kuuluu myös uuden ajan tietokonelehti, Kasibittinen. Sen voi saada maksutta kotiin albumin postikuluja vastaan. Yhden albumin lähettäminen tarvitsee kaksi postimerkkiä (4,70€). Rouheaa asiaa siis tulossa pilke silmäkulmassa! Albumeita klikkaamalla pääsee katsomaan niiden sisältöjä.

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