It's the flying computer circus!

The computer exhibition delivered, installed & picked up

You may remember the Commodore, Spectrum, and maybe the Amiga, but do you still remember the Atari and Amstrad?

Now there's no need to look back anymore. The I love 8-bit® is the traveling exhibition that brings back the legendary computers on stage. The computer history in the I love 8-bit® exhibition starts at 1977.

I love 8-bit® is the exhibition about computing history based on 1970- and 1980 home computing era. The favorites are back and in use for everybody. 

The unique exhibitions offer authentic and memorable experiences of digital cultural heritage!

I love 8-bit® is the traveling computer exhibition

What were computers before the Internet and the PC era? How do computers work and what kind of software was there then? And what about the next generation of 16-bit devices? How do they work?

All of this and much more can be discovered at the I love 8-bit® exhibition that presents computer culture of its time. Visitors can try out and see legendary computers from the history of computing in action.

Our mission is to spread and share the knowledge that is related to classic computers. The exhibition events support practically and hands on that knowledge. Sinclair, Oric, Dragon, Amstrad, Commodore, Atari and many others are now back in use! 

I love 8-bit® brings back the experiences from 1970's & 1980's

Return of the legendary games

What were the games that played in the early computer age? How does a flight simulator work with a device that is 40 years old, has a millionth of the power compared to modern computers, black and white graphics and its games are downloaded from a cassette?

This and much more fun is at the I love 8-bit® shows. Authentic experiences of early digital culture are unique.

Each I love 8-bit® exhibition is unique. Every show is different. Welcome to take a look and have fun!

Introducing Spectravideo SVI-728 MSX Computer 1984-1986

From 1983 to 1986, the Spectravideo was one of the main competitors of the Commodore 64 in Finland. It was sold in home appliance stores and department stores. There were four models on the market. Initially, the models were Spectravideo SVI-318 and 328. The range changed to MSX compatible devices, which were the Spectravideo SVI-728 and SVI-738 X'press. The computer in the picture was taken on at the I love 8-bit® exhibition organised by Kokkola City Library.

Kasibittinen jatkaa 8-bittistä kulttuurikokemusta mahtavina albumeina!

"Kasibittinen" is the publication focusing on I love 8-bit® shows and computer culture of the 1970s and 1980s. The albums are an entertaining fanzine-style magazines in the spirit of the popular magazines of the 1980s. The albums feature stories about 8-bit computers, culture, games and the I love 8-bit® exhibitions. It's just for fun and planned to be enjoyable experience to read and own a copy.

Albums are available free of charge at I love 8-bit® exhibitions. If you can't get to the exhibitions, you can also order albums by paying for two stamps per album. Pre-ordered albums before release are delivered with a unique serial number. Free album copies distributed at I love 8-bit® exhibitions will be without a unique serial number.

The albums has a website. You can order albums, see the released and future albums, see the contents and the cover pages of the albums. The address is and the email for information requests is

The albums are currently available in Finnish.

You can use the form to order one or more albums. You will receive a reply to your email with a request and instructions to confirm your order. The delivery requires two stamps, prices can be checked from the site of Finnish post office (price list). Submitting the form does not make any commitments. The terms of shipments are valid in Finland.

Serial numbered albums for pre-orderers

Ennakkotilauksen tehneille toimitetaan yksilöidyllä sarjanumerolla varustettu albumi. Sen saa ennakkotilauksella seuraavasta uudesta albumista 31.3.2024 mennessä. Saat tiedon kun seuraava albumi on valmis. Voit sitten vahvistaa ennakkotilauksen kustantamalla yhden albumin lähetykseen tarvittavat kaksi postimerkkiä (4,60€). Sen jälkeen albumi lähetetään antaamasi osoitteeseen.

Digital culture create experiences for the exhibition visitors

What kind of computers did dads use, what were the games did mom play? Now the favorites of the 1970s and 1980s are available on exhibitions and can be used by everyone.

I love 8-bit® at the Museum of technology

The legendary computers were on stage at the I love 8-bit® exhibition organized by the Museum of Technology on 16.2-3.4.2022. During this time, the exhibition was seen by more than 3600 visitors who bought an entrance ticket.

The exhibition did not remain a unique event. Within the next 12 months, the exhibition attracted over 15,500 visitors in various locations in Finland. The I love 8-bit® exhibitions have been showcased not only in museums but also in libraries, corporate events, fairs, and shopping centers.

The format of the exhibition is based on mobility, organizing an I love 8-bit® exhibition is effortless. All that is needed are suitable spaces, tables, and electricity.

Further information The I love 8-bit exhibition at the Finnish Museum of Technology.

It's the flying computer circus delivered, operated and picked up!

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It's the flying computer circus!

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